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The best spy in the world returns! In I Expect You To Die 4, you will be a spy who relies on his intelligence and gadgets to stop evil plans.

This would be the fourth part of a popular set of puzzle-solving spy adventure games. In the swinging sixties, players act as secret agents with only their wits and various gadgets to complete missions.

Key Points:

In this latest edition, players must infiltrate a secret society aiming at toppling global order. Find out what they are up to and prevent them from succeeding before it is too late using all available means. There is also an array of new puzzles, locations, devices and guns in addition to more interactive objects for creative problem solving through environmental manipulation while being aware that this game can only be played with VR headsets like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive among others.

I Expect You To Die series has been known not to keep fans waiting for long periods between releases; if past indications are anything go by we could expect another instalment sometime around 2025 although Schell Games has not officially communicated any future plans yet. It is going to be a first-person puzzle game set in virtual reality where players take control over agents tasked with solving different kinds of puzzles while avoiding traps.

I Expect You To Die 4 release Date

Expect brand-new puzzles which are expectedly harder than before as well as additional hazardous adversaries never seen elsewhere together with fresh weapons too. The atmosphere will be gloomy filled with suspense but still maintain its funny side throughout the gameplay too since we have always had some good laughs playing this one so far.”

Here’s what could happen in I Expect You To Die 4:

New telekinesis powers – Imagine having new abilities like being able lift heavier objects or even gaining control over multiple things simultaneously?

New weapons and gadgets – Maybe you’ll get something like a device that hacks into electronic systems or freezes enemies solid!

Fresh enemies and traps – This time there might be robots lurking around corners ready for an ambush plus deadly traps scattered all over the place too!

New settings – You could find yourself exploring places such as space stations, submarines or even volcanoes


I believe that “I Expect You To Die 4” will be a VR game that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in this medium. I’m Expecting You to Die 3 is an online riddle game set in a virtual reality with spy themes. The game was developed and published by Schell Games. It was released on Oculus Quest 2, SteamVR, and PlayStation VR on October 27th, 2023 as a sequel to I Expect You To Die and I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy and the Liar.

It puts you into the shoes of a covert agent who has to save the world by completing a number of risky missions. Players are required to use their wits along with VR equipment (Virtual Reality gear) when solving different types of puzzles or overcoming challenges before them. This video game has been praised for being immersive due to its VR experience. Critics love how difficult some parts are while maintaining humor throughout this title.

Keep an eye on I Expect You To Die 4 if you love puzzle games, spy adventures or virtual reality.

GameRelease Date
I Expect You To Die2016
I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy and the Liar2019
I Expect You To Die 3: Cog in the Machine2023
I Expect You To Die 4Possible (2025)


Based on the release of previous games in the I Expect You To Die series, it is likely that I Expect You To Die 4 will be released on the following platforms:

  • PC (SteamVR)
  • Meta Quest
  • PlayStation VR2

It is also possible that the game could be released on other platforms, such as the HTC Vive or the Valve Index. However, these are the three platforms that are most likely to receive a release.