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Europa Universalis 5 Release Date, News & Gameplay

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Europa Universalis 5 is the upcoming title in the Europa Universalis series, a grand strategy video game franchise developed by Paradox Development Studio and published by Paradox Interactive. The game will be the sequel to Europa Universalis IV, which was released back in 2013 and has received numerous DLCs and expansions since then.

Europa Universalis 5 will continue the staple Europa Universalis grand-strategy formula, where players can take control of any nation in the world from the early modern period (1444-1821) and guide it through historical and alternate scenarios, engaging in diplomacy, trade, warfare, colonization, and more.

The series director, Johan Andersson, has confirmed that the game is in development, but there is no official release date yet.

Europa Universalis 5 Release Date

In an interview with Wargamer, Paradox Tinto CEO Johan Andersson said that there is no official roadmap for EU4 development past Leviathan, but that more expansions are on the way. He did not provide any details on the scope, size, or specific content of these expansions, but it is likely that they will be developed in the same sporadic way as the game’s other content.

Andersson also confirmed that EU5 is in development, but he did not give a release date. He joked that it will come “eventually,” but “it’s like, eventually, we’re all gonna die also.” This suggests that EU5 may still be several years away.

Europa Universalis 5 Release Date

Despite the lack of a specific release date, Andersson is confident that EU5 will be a success. He believes that the grand strategy genre is still strong, and that there is a large audience for a new game in the series. He is also excited to use the latest technology to create a game with better visuals and more complex gameplay.


EU5 is in development, but it is still several years away. The game is being led by Johan Andersson, who is confident that it will be a success.

Some fans have speculated that EU5 could be announced or released in 2024, as it would be the 10th anniversary of EU4.

Given Paradox’s track record of releasing grand strategy games, it is likely that EU5 will be released in a few years, at least.

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Europa Universalis 5 Potential Gameplay

Here are some potential gameplay features for Europa Universalis 5

Europa Universalis 5 Potential Gameplay

  • Expanded map and timeline: EU5 could expand the map and timeline to include more regions and time periods. For example, the game could start in the 14th century and end in the 19th century, and could include new regions such as North and South America, Africa, and Asia.
  • Improved diplomacy: Diplomacy is a key part of the Europa Universalis series, and EU5 could improve it in a number of ways. For example, the game could add new diplomatic options, such as the ability to form alliances with non-Christian nations or to create puppet states.
  • More realistic trade system: The trade system in Europa Universalis IV is relatively simple, and EU5 could make it more realistic and complex. For example, the game could factor in things like the type of goods being traded and the distance between trade nodes.
  • Revised military system: The military system in Europa Universalis IV is also relatively simple, and EU5 could revise it to make it more realistic and engaging. For example, the game could add new unit types, such as artillery and cavalry, and could make it more important to consider factors such as terrain and supply lines when planning battles.
  • New playable nations: EU5 could add new playable nations, such as Native American tribes and African empires. This would give players more options and allow them to experience different parts of the world.

In addition to these specific features, EU5 could also improve on the overall gameplay experience in a number of ways. For example, the game could have a more user-friendly interface, better AI, and more engaging events.

Here are some additional potential gameplay features that EU5 could include:

  • More dynamic and responsive AI: The AI in Europa Universalis IV can be somewhat predictable, and EU5 could improve it by making it more dynamic and responsive. For example, the AI could be better at adapting to player strategies and changing circumstances.
  • Greater focus on internal management: EU5 could put a greater focus on internal management, such as developing provinces and building infrastructure. This would give players more to do and make the game more challenging.
  • More historical flavor: EU5 could add more historical flavor to the game, such as by including more events and decisions that are specific to different nations and regions. This would make the game more immersive and enjoyable for players who are interested in history.

Overall, there are many potential gameplay features that EU5 could include. The developers have a lot of opportunities to improve on the previous games in the series and to create a truly unique and engaging grand strategy game.

Another change in Europa Universalis 5 is the introduction of cross-platform compatibility. The game will be available not only for PC (Windows, MacOS, Linux), but also for consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. This will make the game more accessible and appealing to a wider audience of gamers. However, some fans are concerned that this might compromise the complexity and depth of the game, as consoles have limited controls and processing power compared to PCs.

One of the most anticipated features of Europa Universalis 5 is the integration of Crusader Kings 3 mechanics. Crusader Kings series is another grand strategy game developed by Paradox Development Studio, which focuses on medieval dynasties and characters.

Many players enjoy playing both games in succession, starting from Crusader Kings 3 and continuing their save file in Europa Universalis IV using a converter tool. However, this process is often buggy and incompatible due to the different engines and mechanics of the two games.

Therefore, many fans hope that eu5 will have a native compatibility with Crusader Kings 3, allowing them to seamlessly transition from one game to another without losing any data or features.

will there be a europa universalis 5

Yes, there will eventually be a Europa Universalis 5.

Paradox Interactive, the developer and publisher of the Europa Universalis series, has confirmed that they will eventually make a sequel to Europa Universalis 4. However, they have not yet announced any specific plans for development or release.

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What We Want To See In Europa Universalis 5

Besides the features mentioned above, there are many other things that we would like to see in Europa Universalis 5. Here are some of our wishes:

  • More historical accuracy and diversity: One of the main appeals of Europa Universalis is its historical immersion and realism. We hope that Europa Universalis 5 will improve on this aspect by adding more events, decisions, missions, cultures, religions, and nations that reflect the historical diversity and complexity of the world. We also hope that the game will avoid any ahistorical or anachronistic elements that might break the immersion or offend some players.
  • More mod support and customization: Another appeal of Europa Universalis is its moddability and customization. We hope that Europa Universalis 5 will make it easier for modders and players to create their own scenarios, maps, graphics, mechanics, and content for the game. We also hope that the game will have more options and settings for players to adjust their preferences and difficulty levels.
  • More balance and stability: One of the main criticisms of Europa Universalis IV is its lack of balance and stability. The game often suffers from bugs, glitches, crashes, exploits, lag, and performance issues. We hope that Europa Universalis 5 will fix these problems and provide a smooth and stable gaming experience. We also hope that the game will have a better balance between the different aspects of the game, such as economy, military, diplomacy, technology, and colonization, and avoid any situations that might make the game too easy or too hard for some players.
  • More DLC and expansions: One of the main sources of revenue and content for Europa Universalis IV is its DLC and expansions. The game has received over 20 DLCs and expansions since its release, adding new features, mechanics, regions, and nations to the game. However, some of these DLCs and expansions have been controversial or disappointing for some players, either because they were too expensive, too buggy, too irrelevant, or too unbalanced. We hope that Europa Universalis 5 will have a better DLC and expansion policy, offering more quality and quantity of content for a reasonable price and frequency.

Europa Universalis 5 is one of the most awaited games in the grand strategy genre. We are excited to see what Paradox Development Studio will bring to the table with this new title. We hope that the game will live up to our expectations and deliver a satisfying and enjoyable gaming experience.


There is no official announcement about Europa Universalis 5 yet, and it is difficult to say when it might be released. Paradox Interactive has a history of making sequels to their successful games, and Europa Universalis is one of their most popular series.

Some sources suggest that it could be revealed in 2023 and released in 2024, while others think it is still far away.

Fans have many hopes for EU5, including a better DLC policy, a better tutorial, a streamlined UI, better events, more mod integration, and more historical accuracy and immersion. Some also suggest that EU5 should have more dynamic and emergent gameplay, such as revolutions, civil wars, cultural shifts, and religious changes.

Another common wish is that EU5 will have improved graphics and a new engine that can handle the complexity and scale of the game better. Some fans compare EU4’s map to CK3’s 3D visuals and hope that EU5 will have a similar level of detail and beauty. Others also hope that EU5 will have better performance, stability, and optimization.

Until then, we will keep an eye on any news or updates about the game. Stay tuned!