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will there be a rome total war 3

Total War: Rome 3 is a possible upcoming sequel to the popular Total War series. The first two games in the series were critical and commercial successes.The previous game, Total War Rome 2, was released in 2013 and received a lot of new content and updates until 2018 this show the developers interest in the game and hope sequel 3 soon. There has been no official announcement of a release date for Total War: Rome 3. However, there have been rumors that the game could be released in 2024 or 2025 which is still not confirmed.

The Total War: Rome series is a turn-based strategy and real-time tactics video game series developed by The Creative Assembly and published by Sega. The series has since expanded to include several sequels and spin-offs, set in different historical periods and locations.

Total War games combine turn-based strategic gameplay, where players take control of a faction and manage its economy, diplomacy, and military, and real-time tactical battles, where players control their armies on the battlefield. The series has been praised for its historical accuracy, complex gameplay, and epic scale.

Total War Rome 3 is confirmed ?

While there is no official announcement of Rome Total War 3 yet, fans of the Total War series can still enjoy the latest installment, Total War: WARHAMMER III which was released in 2022. This game was developed and published by Creative Assembly and Sega, with Rich Aldridge as director. He has been with Creative Assembly since 2006 and has worked on several Total War games, including Total War: Rome II.

There are a few reasons why a Rome Total War 3 could be a good idea. First, the original Rome Total War was a very popular game, and it is still played by many people today. Second, the time period of the Roman Empire is a rich and fascinating one, and there is a lot of potential for new content and gameplay in a Rome 3 game.

However, there are also some challenges that would need to be addressed if a Rome 3 game were to be made. First, the Roman Empire is a well-trodden setting in strategy games, and it would be difficult to make a Rome 3 game that feels fresh and innovative. Second, the original Rome Total War was not without its flaws, and a Rome 3 game would need to address these flaws in order to be successful.

Overall, the possibility of a Rome Total War 3 is exciting, but there are also some challenges that would need to be addressed. If Creative Assembly is able to overcome these challenges, then a Rome 3 game could be a very successful game.

Total War Rome 3 Gameplay

We can try to make some educated guesses about what the gameplay might be like.

Total War Rome 3 Gameplay

  • The game will be set in the Roman Republic and Empire, from the 4th century BC to the 5th century AD but with more detail and diversity in the regions, cultures and factions.
  • The game would likely improve the graphics, animations and sound effects to create a more immersive and realistic experience of ancient warfare and politics.
  • The game will have a detailed campaign map, with cities, towns, and villages to conquer.
  • The game would probably introduce new features and mechanics to enhance the strategic and tactical aspects of the game, such as diplomacy, espionage, religion, culture, civil wars, rebellions, plagues, famines, natural disasters, etc.
  • The game would likely offer more historical accuracy and authenticity in terms of the units, buildings, events and characters, but also allow some creative freedom and customization for the players.
  • The game would probably have a variety of game modes and options to suit different preferences and play styles, such as campaign, historical battles, custom battles, multiplayer, co-op, sandbox, etc.

Total War Rome 3 campaign story

Total War Rome 3  campaign story

The game will begin in the late 4th century BC, with the Roman Republic at the height of its power. Players will be able to choose from a variety of Roman factions, including the Senate, the Populares, and the Scipii. The game will feature a number of historical events, such as the Punic Wars and the Gallic Wars.

As the game progresses, the Roman Republic will begin to decline. Players will have to deal with internal political turmoil, as well as external threats from barbarian tribes and other Mediterranean powers. The game will end with the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century AD.

Here are some specific story moments that will unfold in the game.

  • Players could be tasked with leading the Roman army during the Punic Wars, fighting against the Carthaginians for control of the Mediterranean.
  • Players could be involved in the Gallic Wars, leading the Roman army against the Celts and helping to expand the Roman Empire into Gaul.
  • Players could be involved in the political turmoil of the late Roman Republic, trying to survive the civil wars and maintain the Republic’s power.
  • Players could be involved in the fall of the Western Roman Empire, trying to defend the Empire from barbarian invaders or leading one of the barbarian tribes in their conquest of Rome.

Of course, these are just predictions. It is impossible to know for sure what Total War: Rome 3 will be like until it is released. However, based on the first two games in the series, and the latest trends in the Total War series, these predictions seem like a reasonable guess.

Total War Rome 3 News

There is no official news about Total War Rome 3 at this time. The last Total War game set in the Roman era was Total War: Rome II, which was released in 2013.

Total War Rome 3 Platforms

Total War Rome 3 Platforms

Currently, there is no official announcement of Total War: Rome 3. However, based on the release history of previous Total War games, it is likely that the game would be released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The main reasons for this assumption are that all major Total War games have been released on PC, and the most recent installment, Total War: Warhammer III, was released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Both PS4 and Xbox One have a substantial user base, providing the potential for a wider audience.

Additionally, the consoles’ capabilities are powerful enough to run the game with high-quality graphics. While it is also possible that Rome 3 could be released on newer consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, it is more probable that it would first be released on the older consoles to reach a broader market. Ultimately, the platforms for the game will depend on various factors, such as the game’s budget, development team priorities, and hardware availability.

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There has been no official announcement of a release date for Total War: Rome 3, but there have been rumors that the game could be released in 2024 or 2025. Fans can play Total War: WARHAMMER III by Creative Assembly and Sega. Directed by Rich Aldridge, who also worked on Total War: Rome II.

The game series has been very successful, with over 2 million copies sold globally, so a third installment is likely to happen.