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will there be a war thunder 2

War Thunder 2 is the sequel to the popular MMO military game War Thunder, a free-to-play vehicular combat multiplayer video game developed and published by Gaijin Entertainment. War Thunder 2 has not been officially announced or confirmed by the developers, but some fans have speculated about what it could bring.

During an interview with Anton Yudintsev, the CEO of Gaijin Entertainment said that War Thunder 2 is not in active development, but it is a possibility for the future.

War Thunder is a free-to-play MMO military game where you can control aircraft, tanks, and ships from World War II and the Cold War. You can participate in air battles, ground battles, and naval battles. It’s a realistic and accurate game with a variety of maps and weather conditions to choose from.

If you have explored all the content in War Thunder and are still looking for more, there is some news about a new game. However, you can also enjoy Ace Combat 7, which is a thrilling flight combat simulator.

Some possible features that the game could introduce are:

  • A new game engine that supports more realistic graphics, physics, sound, and damage models.
  • A larger and more diverse selection of vehicles, including modern tanks, jets, helicopters, ships, and submarines from various nations and eras.
  • A more dynamic and immersive campaign mode that follows the historical events and battles of different wars and conflicts.
  • A more balanced and rewarding progression system that allows players to customize and upgrade their vehicles with different modules, skins, decals, and crew skills.
  • A more interactive and social multiplayer mode that supports cross-play, co-op, clans, tournaments, events, and chat functions.

Of course, these are just some of the potential ideas that War Thunder 2 could offer. There is no guarantee that the game will ever be made or released, but it is fun to imagine what it could be like.

War thunder 2 Release Date

War thunder 2 Release Date

There is no official announcement or confirmation about War Thunder 2. War Thunder is still being actively developed and updated by Gaijin Entertainment, and they have not revealed any plans for a sequel.

The latest update for War Thunder was “La Royale”, which added new ships, vehicles, locations, and features to the game.

However, there are some rumors and speculations about the gameon the internet. Some fans believe that War Thunder 2 will be a next-generation game that will use a new engine, support VR and ray tracing, and have more realistic graphics and physics.

Some also hope that War Thunder 2 will include more nations, eras, and types of warfare, such as modern naval battles, space combat, and nuclear weapons. These are just fan-made ideas and wishes, and they have no basis in reality. There is no evidence or indication that the game is in development or will be released anytime soon.

War thunder 2 Potenial Gameplay

War thunder 2 Potenial Gameplay

Here are some of the gameplay features that you can look forward to in War Thunder 2:

  • Realistic physics and damage models: The game will simulate the realistic behavior and performance of various military vehicles, such as planes, tanks, ships, and helicopters. You will have to take into account factors such as weight, speed, altitude, armor, ammunition, fuel, and weather when engaging in combat. The damage model will also reflect the actual impact of different weapons and projectiles on different parts of the vehicles.

  • Historical and fictional scenarios: The game will offer a variety of historical and fictional scenarios for you to participate in. You can relive some of the most famous battles of World War II, such as the Battle of Britain, the Battle of Stalingrad, or the Battle of Midway. You can also explore some alternative scenarios, such as what if Germany had invaded Britain, or what if Japan had attacked Australia. You can also create your own custom scenarios with the scenario editor and share them with other players.

  • Dynamic weather and day/night cycle: The game will feature a dynamic weather system and a day/night cycle that will affect the gameplay and visuals. You will have to adapt to changing conditions such as rain, snow, fog, wind, storms, or nightfall. The weather and time of day will also influence the visibility, detection, and performance of your vehicles and enemies.

  • Cooperative and competitive modes: The game will support both cooperative and competitive modes for you to enjoy with your friends or other players. You can team up with other players in cooperative missions against AI enemies or in historical campaigns. You can also compete with other players in various modes such as deathmatch, capture the flag, or domination. You can also join a clan or a squadron and participate in clan wars or tournaments for glory and rewards.

War thunder 2 Platforms

War Thunder 2 News

War Thunder is a cross-platform game that is available on Windows PC, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Players can play with their friends on different devices.

If War Thunder 2 is ever released, it is likely that it will be compatible with the same platforms as the original game, or even more. It may also support VR devices, mobile devices, or other emerging technologies. However, this is just speculation and not based on any official information.

War Thunder 2 News

In an interview with wccftech, the CEO of Gaijin Entertainment, Anton Yudintsev, explained why he thinks making sequels to online games like War Thunder is not a good idea. He said that sequels would compete with the original games and split the player base, resulting in longer waiting times.

He also said that War Thunder is constantly updated with new features, content, and gameplay modes, making it more diverse and richer than most premium titles. He mentioned some of the recent additions to the game, such as the Chinese vehicle tree, modern jets, and night/thermal vision.
He also revealed that he had some plans for the future.

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War Thunder 2 is a hypothetical sequel to War Thunder, a popular MMO military game that simulates realistic vehicular combat in various historical scenarios.

The CEO of Gaijin Entertainment has stated that War Thunder 2 is not in active development, but it is a possibility for the future. Therefore, War Thunder fans should not expect War Thunder 2 to be released in the future, but they can still enjoy War Thunder and its regular updates and expansions.

Please note that the gameplay features mentioned are based on speculation and expectation, and the actual War Thunder 2 may differ.