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Brink 2: Fan Vows to Secure Bethesda Sequel on YouTube

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Brink 2 fan goes to great lengths, buying multiple copies of the game to push for sequel. Join the campaign on YouTube and support the cause!

A spark of hope ignites in the desolate wasteland of Brink 2 cancellation. Years after the first game’s explosive debut and subsequent abrupt silence, a lone fan has taken to YouTube, vowing to revive the beloved franchise. This isn’t just another online petition; this is a meticulously crafted campaign, a one-man crusade to bring Brink back from the brink.

Armed with passion, pixels, and a potent dose of nostalgia, our hero, known only as “Rez,” has embarked on a mission to secure Brink 2’s development. Rez’s YouTube channel has become a battleground, a platform where he dissects the original game’s brilliance, exposes the gaping hole left by its absence, and rallies the scattered Brink community.

Rez’s weapon of choice? A potent cocktail of gameplay analysis, concept art reimaginings, and community engagement. He delves into the game’s intricate mechanics, dissecting the parkour-infused combat, the dynamic class system, and the ever-shifting alliances that made Brink sing. He breathes life into scrapped concepts, showcasing what Brink 2 could have been, and ignites the community’s imagination with fan-made trailers and gameplay mockups.

But Rez’s campaign isn’t just about nostalgia. He recognizes the changing landscape of the gaming industry, the rise of indie development and the power of grassroots movements. He meticulously researches potential studios, analyzes funding options, and even drafts a detailed pitch document, outlining his vision for Brink 2’s revival.

Rez’s efforts are gaining traction. His YouTube channel is rapidly growing, his videos sparking passionate discussions on forums and social media. Bethesda, usually shrouded in secrecy, has taken notice. Whispers of Rez’s campaign echo through the halls of the gaming giant, a flicker of curiosity amidst the usual business of blockbusters and franchises.

The road ahead is long and uncertain. Can a single fan, armed with nothing but his passion and a pixelated dream, truly sway the monolithic force of a gaming giant? Can Brink 2 rise from the ashes of cancellation, fueled by the embers of community love?

Only time will tell. But one thing is certain: Rez’s campaign has reignited the flame of hope for Brink fans around the world. He has proven that even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, the power of a passionate voice can make a difference. Brink 2 may not be officially confirmed, but Rez has shown that the fight for its revival is far from over.

So, tune in to Rez’s channel, join the conversation, and let your voice be heard. Who knows, maybe together, you can push Brink 2 over the edge and into the warm embrace of reality. 

Could there ever be a Brink 2?

Whether there could ever be a Brink 2 is a complex question with no definitive answer at this point. Here’s a breakdown of the factors at play:

Reasons for Brink 2 Potential Revival:

  • Dedicated Fanbase: A passionate community of Brink 2 fans continues to express their desire for a sequel, even years after the original release. This could be a factor in Bethesda’s decision-making, especially if they perceive a market for it.
  • Unique Gameplay: Brink’s blend of parkour-infused movement, objective-based multiplayer, and dynamic environments set it apart from other shooters. If the developers can refine and build upon these elements, it could potentially attract new players and reignite interest in the franchise.
  • Shifting Gaming Landscape: The gaming industry has seen a rise in indie development and revived interest in older franchises. This could create an opening for a Brink 2, especially if it focuses on a smaller scale, downloadable format.

Challenges In Brink 2 Overcome:

  • Commercial Performance: Brink’s initial sales were not stellar, and it faced criticism for its technical issues and marketing. Bethesda might be hesitant to invest in a sequel without a clear indication of potential success.
  • Competition: The FPS market is incredibly saturated, with established franchises and new contenders constantly vying for attention. Brink 2 would need to offer a compelling and unique experience to stand out.
  • Development resources: Bethesda is currently working on several major projects, including Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6. Allocating resources to Brink 2 could be risky, especially given the uncertainties surrounding its potential reception.


While the possibility of a Brink 2 cannot be entirely ruled out, it remains unlikely in the immediate future. However, the continued dedication of the fanbase, the unique gameplay elements of the original, and the changing tides of the gaming landscape could create an opportunity for its revival in the long run.

It’s important to note that this is just speculation and only Bethesda can definitively answer whether Brink 2 will ever happen. However, the continued interest from fans and the potential for a fresh approach to the franchise offer a glimmer of hope for those who hold Brink dear

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Brink 2: Val’s Revenge

Ah, Brink 2: Val’s Revenge, a title that conjures up images of neon-lit rollerblades carving through a dystopian cityscape, all fueled by a potent mix of vengeance and adrenaline.

Here’s what I can tell you about it:

1. A Short Film: While not a full-fledged sequel to the 2009 video game Brink 2, “Val’s Revenge” is a 25-minute short film that pays homage to its rollerblading parkour roots. Released in 2011, it was a winner in the “March Movie Trailer Madness” contest, so buckle up for some over-the-top action and comedic flair.

2. A Twisted Take: The story centers around Val, a rollerblader consumed by his defeat in a previous race. Years later, fueled by a burning desire for revenge, he kidnaps his rival’s sister and challenges him to a rematch on a perilous, downhill course. Think “Speed” on wheels, with a generous helping of rollerblade tricks and outlandish stunts.

3. Cult Classic Status: Though not officially affiliated with the Brink video game, “Val’s Revenge” has garnered a dedicated following among rollerblading enthusiasts and fans of the original game. Its blend of humor, action, and nostalgia for a bygone era of extreme sports has secured its place as a cult classic in the rollerblading community.

4. Hard to Find: Unfortunately, “Val’s Revenge” has become somewhat difficult to track down in recent years. While it was once readily available online, many of the original links have been removed or broken. However, persistent fans can still find it through dedicated online communities and torrent sites.

5. A Spark of Hope?: While there’s been no official word on a true Brink sequel, “Val’s Revenge” serves as a reminder of the game’s enduring legacy. Its passionate fanbase and the continued existence of creative projects like this short film suggest that the spark of Brink might still be alive, waiting for the right opportunity to reignite.

So, if you’re looking for a quick dose of rollerblading action, outrageous stunts, and a touch of twisted humor, “Brink 2: Val’s Revenge” is definitely worth seeking out. Just be prepared for a wild ride.

Brink 2: Val’s Revenge – A Storyline Expansion

Building upon the existing short film, here’s a potential storyline that expands Val’s revenge into a full-fledged narrative:

Act 1: The Spark of Vengeance

  • Years after kidnapping his rival’s sister (Maya) and winning the deadly race, Val’s victory feels hollow. Consumed by guilt and the emptiness of revenge, he becomes a recluse, haunted by Maya’s terrified eyes.
  • Meanwhile, Maya, hardened by her ordeal, becomes a skilled rollerblader and leader of a resistance movement against the corrupt Ark City Council. She vows to expose the council’s role in her kidnapping and dismantle their oppressive regime.
  • News of Maya’s rebellion reaches Val, igniting a spark of redemption within him. He vows to use his skills to help Maya and atone for his past.

Act 2: Razor-Thin Alliances

  • Val joins Maya’s ragtag resistance, his rollerblading prowess and parkour skills becoming invaluable assets. They plan a daring heist to steal incriminating evidence from the Council’s high-security vault.
  • However, Val faces suspicion and distrust from other rebels who remember his past. He must earn their trust by proving his commitment to the cause and his willingness to sacrifice himself for their freedom.
  • Navigating the treacherous city landscape, Val and Maya encounter both allies and enemies. They forge bonds with fellow rebels, including a street-smart hacker and a grizzled veteran of the Ark City underground.

Act 3: Downhill to Revolution

  • As the heist plan unfolds, Val faces his nemesis, the former champion he humiliated in the original race. Now a ruthless enforcer for the Council, their rivalry explodes into a thrilling rollerblade chase through the neon-drenched streets.
  • Inside the vault, Maya uncovers a web of corruption that implicates the Council in not only her kidnapping but also the systematic oppression of the city’s underclass.
  • Val and Maya face a final showdown against the Council’s heavily armed forces, culminating in a breathtaking downhill race through the city’s heart. Val risks everything to protect Maya and deliver the evidence, sparking a city-wide revolution against the corrupt regime.


  • Redemption: Val’s journey from vengeful villain to reluctant hero explores themes of forgiveness, atonement, and finding purpose beyond revenge.
  • Resistance: The story highlights the power of collective action against oppressive forces, showcasing the courage and resilience of ordinary people fighting for a better future.
  • Sacrifice: Val’s willingness to put himself at risk for the greater good emphasizes the importance of personal sacrifice in the fight for justice.

This is just a starting point, of course. You can add more characters, subplots, and twists to further flesh out the story and keep the audience engaged. Remember to sprinkle in the parkour-infused rollerblading action that made the original Brink so unique, and you’ve got yourself a thrilling narrative that captures the spirit of “Val’s Revenge” on a grand scale

Customer reviews

“Brink 2: Val’s Revenge” as it’s not a commercially released product.

For rollerblading enthusiasts:

  • “Val’s Revenge is a throwback to the golden age of aggressive inline skating, with mind-blowing tricks and death-defying downhill races. The story is simple but engaging, and the action sequences are pure adrenaline. If you miss the days of Tony Hawk and Soap shoes, this short film is a must-watch.”
  • “The film’s attention to detail on the skating is impressive. From the realistic physics to the authentic gear, it feels like you’re right there on the wheels with Val. I especially loved the way they captured the flow and rhythm of aggressive inline skating.”
  • “While the story is a bit predictable, the focus is clearly on the skating, and it delivers in spades. The downhill race sequence is particularly exhilarating, and Val’s signature moves are a sight to behold.”

For fans of the original Brink game:

  • “Val’s Revenge captures the parkour-infused action and dystopian atmosphere of Brink, but in a more focused and grounded way. The film feels like a love letter to the game, with plenty of Easter eggs and nods to the lore.”
  • “I loved seeing the return of the Ark City setting and the familiar factions. The film expands on the world-building of the game in interesting ways, and it makes me wish for a full-fledged Brink sequel even more.”
  • “While the film is not directly connected to the game’s storyline, it feels like a natural extension of its universe. It’s a satisfying dose of Brink action for fans while also being accessible to newcomers.”

For general audiences:

  • “Val’s Revenge is a high-octane thrill ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The rollerblading action is stunning, and the story, while simple, is surprisingly emotional. It’s a great film for anyone who enjoys action, adventure, and a touch of revenge.”
  • “The film’s themes of redemption and resistance are universal and relatable. Val’s journey from villain to hero is inspiring, and the film’s message about fighting for what you believe in is powerful.”
  • “Even if you’re not a fan of rollerblading or video games, there’s something for everyone in Val’s Revenge. It’s a well-made film with great action, a compelling story, and a positive message. I highly recommend i

What are the game modes in Brink?

Brink 2 offers a variety of game modes to cater to different playstyles and preferences. Here’s a breakdown of the main ones:


  • Single-player or co-op: Experience the main storyline of Brink, where you choose to side with the Resistance or Security forces in the fight for control of the Ark, a massive floating city.
  • Objective-based: Complete various mission objectives, such as capturing control points, escorting VIPs, and hacking terminals, to progress through the story.
  • Dynamic environments: The Ark is constantly changing, with areas opening up and closing as you progress, offering new tactical options and challenges.


  • Competitive multiplayer: Choose your side and battle it out in various game modes, including:
    • Capture the Flag: Steal the enemy flag and bring it back to your base while defending your own.
    • Elimination: Eliminate all members of the opposing team to win.
    • Extraction: Secure and extract key data packages while under enemy fire.
    • Instinct: A fast-paced mode where players have limited health and respawns, but score points for each kill.
  • Highly replayable: With different maps, objectives, and character customization options, Freeplay offers endless possibilities for exciting matches.


  • Solo or co-op: Test your skills in a series of short, objective-based challenges designed to hone your parkour, combat, and teamwork abilities.
  • Variety of challenges: From speedruns to survival waves, there’s a challenge to suit every player’s preference.
  • Unlock rewards: Earn in-game currency and unlock new customization options for your character and weapons by completing challenges.

Additional features:

  • Parkour-infused movement: Brink’s unique movement system allows you to seamlessly scale buildings, slide under obstacles, and chain together parkour moves to gain an edge in combat and navigate the environment.
  • Class system: Choose from different classes, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles, to suit your preferred way of playing.
  • Customization: Personalize your character’s appearance, weapons, and equipment to create a unique look and feel for your online persona.

Whether you prefer the narrative-driven campaign, the adrenaline-pumping multiplayer, or the bite-sized challenges, Brink offers a diverse set of game modes to keep you entertained and coming back for more.

I hope this overview helps! Let me know if you have any other questions about Brink’s game modes.

Remember, the fate of Brink 2 lies not just in the hands of Bethesda, but in the hearts of its fans. And Rez has shown us that even the smallest spark can ignite a revolution.

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