Endless Space 2 Review: A Galactic Adventure Worth Exploring

Endless Space 2 Review: A Galactic Adventure Worth Exploring

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Endless Space 2, developed by Amplitude Studios, is a 4X turn-based strategy game that thrusts players into an expansive and immersive universe, where they must explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate to ensure their empire’s supremacy. This 4X game is a worthy successor to the critically acclaimed original Endless Space and stands tall among other 4X genre giants like Stellaris and Master of Orion.

From its engaging gameplay and deep faction customization to its captivating storyline, Endless Space 2 has a lot to offer, making it one of the most memorable experiences in the 4X space. This endless space 2 review will guide you through the game’s various features, mechanics, and the immersive experience it provides to the gamer.

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Endless Space 2 Factions and Empire Development

Endless Space 2 features eight playable factions, each with their unique traits and characteristics, providing a wildly different gameplay experience for each.

The United Empire, for example, is a militarist faction that rewards players for their aggressive expansion, while the Unfallen are pacifist beings who rely on diplomacy to spread their influence across the galaxy.

Other factions include the Vodyani, who are deeply spiritual and inhabit massive Ark ships instead of colonizing planets with colony ships, and the Riftborn, beings from another dimension who can manipulate time.

The Horatio, a race made up of clones of their eccentric founder, are focused on gene splicing, while the Lumeris are an aquatic species that rely on trade routes and commerce.

The Sophons and Cravers, the final two factions, offer additional strategic depth. The Sophons are a highly intelligent race that prioritizes research and development, while the Cravers are relentless devourers who must constantly expand or face extinction.

Each faction’s unique playstyle and traits make every playthrough a new experience, providing and uncovering its many secrets.

The game’s galaxy map is dotted with numerous star systems, each consisting of multiple planets waiting to be colonized or used for resource extraction. As players progress, they’ll encounter anomalies that require investigation, leading to potential rewards or challenges.

In the spirit of a 4X strategy game, players must colonize new systems to expand their empire. This process begins by sending a colony ship to establish an outpost on a suitable planet.

Over time, the outpost grows into a full-fledged colony, allowing players to harness the planet’s resources and further develop their empire. Strategic resources, such as luxury items and rare elements, play a crucial role in boosting the economy and fueling expansion.

Technology Tree and Research: The Key to Galactic Supremacy

Endless Space 2's technology tree

Endless Space 2’s technology tree is vast and intricate, providing players with a plethora of options to enhance their empire.

Divided into four branches military, economy, science, and empire development this tech tree allows players to research and unlock new systems, improve existing ones, and gain access to powerful tools such as warp drive technology for faster travel across space.

Each faction has a unique affinity for certain technologies, which influences their research speed and prioritization.

For instance, the scientifically inclined Sophons will have an easier time unlocking advanced research options, while the Cravers will focus on military technologies to fuel their endless conquests.

Diplomacy and Warfare: The Art of Galactic Politics

Endless Space 2’s diplomacy system is nuanced and engaging, allowing players to forge alliances, trade resources, or declare war on rival factions.

Each faction’s political system is shaped by its beliefs and philosophies, adding depth to diplomatic negotiations. Players must navigate the delicate balance between peaceful coexistence and military aggression to protect their interests and grow their empire.

Space battles, a staple of space 4X games, are a thrilling part of Endless Space 2’s gameplay.

Fleets of customizable ships clash in spectacular engagements, with the outcome determined by strategic planning, ship design, and technological advancements. The visuals during these battles are stunning, making each conflict a sight to behold.

UI and AI: Making a Complex Game Accessible

Endless Space 2

Endless Space 2’s user interface (UI) design plays a significant role in making this complex 4X game accessible to newcomers and veterans alike. The UI is clean, intuitive, and efficient, ensuring players can access the information they need without being overwhelmed. The game also features a robust tutorial system that eases new players into the 4X experience.

The game’s AI opponents provide a challenging and dynamic experience, adapting to the player’s actions and offering different levels of difficulty.

The AI is designed to exploit weaknesses and adapt its strategy based on the current state of the game, ensuring that players must remain vigilant and adaptable in their quest for galactic supremacy.

The game can be enjoyed on the Steam.

Endless Space 2: A Worthy Successor and a Great 4X Game

With its engrossing storyline, diverse factions, and deep gameplay mechanics, Endless Space 2 is a must-play for fans of the 4X genre.

Amplitude Studios has built upon the foundation laid by the original Endless Space, refining the formula and creating a game that stands out among its contemporaries.

Whether you are a seasoned 4X gamer or a newcomer to the genre, Endless Space 2 offers a vast universe to explore, conquer, and make your own. Its unique blend of exploration, empire development, diplomacy, and combat ensures that there’s a lot to like about this strategy game, making it a capable 4X title that will undoubtedly provide countless hours of enjoyment.

Endless Space 2: Weapons and Enemies Overview

Endless Space 2: Weapons and Enemies Overview


  1. Energy Weapons: High damage at close range, effective against armor, less effective at long range.
  2. Projectile Weapons: Excel at long range, high rate of fire, effective against shields, weaker against armor.
  3. Missile Weapons: Long range, bypass shields, effective against armor and hull, vulnerable to point-defense systems.

Enemies (Playable Factions):

  1. United Empire: Militarist, rapid expansion, strong economy, aggressive tactics.
  2. Unfallen: Pacifist, diplomatic, strong defensive fleets.
  3. Vodyani: Nomadic, unpredictable, Ark ships, hit-and-run tactics.
  4. Riftborn: Dimensional beings, time manipulation, advanced technology.
  5. Horatio: Gene-splicing, versatile and adaptive fleets.
  6. Lumeris: Trade-oriented, strong economy, powerful alliances.
  7. Sophons: Technologically advanced, rapid research, cutting-edge fleets.
  8. Cravers: Relentless expansion, aggressive, overwhelming numbers and brute force.

Additional Threats:

  • Minor factions: Can be assimilated or conquered.
  • Pirates: Can be dealt with through diplomacy or military force.

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Final Thoughts

Endless Space 2 is a 4X turn-based strategy game with engaging gameplay, deep faction customization, and captivating storyline. It features diverse factions, a vast technology tree, engaging diplomacy system, and thrilling space battles.

The game has an accessible UI and dynamic AI opponents. Overall, Endless Space 2 is a worthy successor to the original and a great 4X game that offers countless hours of enjoyment.

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