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The world of competitive gaming and fighting fans are always on the lookout for the next big thing. With a variety of popular fighting game franchises, including Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, it’s Tekken that has consistently held its spot as one of the favorites.

Tekken, the cherished fighting game franchise by Bandai Namco Entertainment, has captured the interest of gamers worldwide, particularly with the success of Tekken 7. Fans can look forward to in terms of gameplay, mechanics, and story, as well as which characters will be making a return and which newcomers shall join the ranks.

The thrill of stringing together jaw-dropping combos, mastering a diverse cast of characters, and outsmarting your opponents using lightning-fast reflexes has made the Tekken series a mainstay title in the gaming community since its introduction in 1994.

There’s also a possibility that Tekken 8 will release after Soul Calibur 7

Gameplay Teasers and Release Date Speculation

From the teaser trailer and the gameplay trailer that Bandai Namco Studios released, we have caught some exciting glimpses of what Tekken 8’s gameplay might entail. Notably, the Tekken 8 gameplay changes and new gameplay mechanics were on display, igniting speculation around possible release windows.

Expect the continuation of Tekken’s signature 3D fighting style with a diverse roster of characters, each boasting unique move sets and styles. The game might offer enhanced Rage Art and Rage Drive systems, and potentially introduce new mechanics such as a heat system or chip damage.

With the advent of Unreal Engine 5, there’s potential for considerable advancement in the visuals and performance of upcoming games.

players could expect significantly improved graphics, realistic lighting, and enhanced character models, while still preserving the iconic 3D fighting gameplay that Tekken is known for.

There may also be a more integrated story mode, focusing on the iconic rivalry between characters like Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima. However, please refer to official Bandai Namco announcements for the most accurate and updated information.

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What We Know About the Story

Everything we know about Tekken 8 so far stems from the trailers, in-game teasers, and the hints from Katsuhiro Harada, the face of the franchise. The story mode seems more integrated this time, with a focus on the devil gene storyline. The long-standing feud between Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima takes center stage, with fans speculating on the return of Jun Kazama.

For Tekken 8, gamers expect significant gameplay changes. The Rage Art and Rage Drive systems from Tekken 7 could see upgrades, and mechanics such as the heat system and chip damage might make their way into the new Tekken game. 

Tekken 8 new characters

Tekken 8 new characters fighting

While Bandai Namco Studios have not confirmed the roster, exciting rumors suggest fresh additions to the gameplay. Among the speculated characters, iconic figures such as Leroy Smith and Jack-8 are predicted to make a return.

Furthermore, the much-anticipated return of Jun Kazama has set the community abuzz. As the official announcement awaits, the speculations around the new characters in Tekken 8 continue to build intrigue and excitement.

Tekken 8 abilities

Players can likely look forward to the return of the Rage Art and Rage Drive systems from Tekken 7, possibly with improvements or refinements. Mechanics such as the heat system and chip damage could also be introduced.

Tekken 8 gameplay abilities

Each character traditionally has unique move sets and fighting styles, and it’s anticipated that this will continue in Tekken 8. For instance, Jin Kazama’s and Kazuya Mishima’s storylines revolve around the ‘Devil Gene,’ which could impact their abilities in the new game.

Moreover, new characters may introduce fresh gameplay elements, further diversifying the roster’s abilities and dynamics.

Esports Presence and Expectations for 2024

In 2022, the state of play for the Tekken series was strong, with its presence in the eSports scene growing steadily. It will be exciting to see how Tekken 8 builds on that momentum in 2024. The game awards might hold more announcements, including the official release date for Tekken 8.

Crossplay Capabilities and Console Expectations

Bandai Namco is well aware of the need for crossplay in the current generation of consoles. The game is expected to be playable on Playstation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X|S, and possibly even PS4 and Xbox One. The first Tekken was groundbreaking for its time, and this new installment is bringing high expectations.

Visual Enhancements in Tekken 8

The game’s character models, now powered by Unreal Engine 5, look stunning in the pre-rendered trailers. Although actual gameplay footage is sparse, we hope to get our hands on the game soon. Until then, we can only engage in release date speculation.

tekken 8 jin vs kazuya

Tekken 9 Gameplay

In the forthcoming Tekken 8, the enduring rivalry between Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima is expected to take the spotlight once again. This narrative has been a staple in the Tekken franchise, entwined deeply with the dark ‘Devil Gene’ storyline.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the next chapter of this riveting feud in the new game. Although the exact narrative direction remains a mystery, the conflict between Jin and Kazuya is likely to remain a crucial element of the 8 story

tekken 8 hwoarang

Hwoarang’s popularity and his regular presence in the Tekken series since his debut in Tekken 3, there is a strong possibility that he could return in Tekken 8.

tekken 8 crossplay

The integration of crossplay – allowing PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and Xbox One users to play together – is highly anticipated by the gaming community.
We’re hoping Tekken 8 will follow suit as crossplay becomes more common in the industry.

tekken 8 baki

the character from the famous manga and anime series “Baki the Grappler,” in Tekken 8. Tekken has a history of including characters from different franchises, so it’s not entirely impossible, though it would require negotiation and agreement between the rights holders.

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In conclusion, Tekken is one of the most iconic fighting game franchises, and the excitement around Tekken 8 is just the latest testament to its enduring appeal.

Whether it’s the gameplay trailer, new characters, or release date speculation, it seems there’s always something to talk about when it comes to this new installment. We’re eagerly waiting for the early 2024 release, but until then, this is everything you need to know about Tekken 8.

Our hope is that Street Fighter 7 and Tekken 8 deliver unique and fantastic gameplay.

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