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The Division 3 officially confirmed

As we talked earlier about The Division 3, Ubisoft has now confirmed that the game is in development.

Ubisoft has announced that Julian Gerighty, the creative director of The Division 2, has been appointed as the executive producer for the entire Division brand. Gerighty will oversee the development and expansion of the franchise, which includes the upcoming free-to-play game The Division Heartland, the mobile game The Division Mobile, and the Netflix film adaptation starring Jessica Chastain and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Within this article, Ubisoft has disclosed that Julian Gerighty has assumed the role of Executive Producer for The Division franchise. Notably, Gerighty boasts prior experience working on The Division series, and his anticipation for the forthcoming trajectory of the franchise is palpable.

Gerighty’s overarching objectives encompass the assembly of a dedicated team to helm the development of The Division 3, along with the consolidation of the brand’s distinct identity. His unwavering commitment resides in the unwavering pursuit of the utmost quality in every facet of The Division’s creative expressions.

In a statement, Gerighty expressed his excitement and gratitude for his new role. He said: “I am incredibly honored to join the amazing team at Ubisoft Massive as executive producer for The Division. The Division is a fantastic universe with huge potential, and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together in the future. I want to thank the players, the fans, and the developers for their passion and support over the years. You are the reason why we do this, and we will continue to deliver great experiences for you.”

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The Division is a multiplayer online shooter game set in a post-apocalyptic world where a deadly virus has decimated society. The first game was released in 2016, and received critical acclaim and commercial success. The sequel, The Division 2, was launched in 2019, and introduced new features and content to the game. Both games have received regular updates and expansions since their release.