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Will there be an unpacking 2 ?

Unpacking 2, the sequel to the popular puzzle game about unpacking belongings into new homes, is not coming out yet. In February 2022, Witch Beam, the developers of Unpacking, hinted that a sequel was a possibility in the future.

He also said that they are open to the idea of making a sequel in the future, but they are not currently working on it. They are also not working on any DLC or expansions for the game. Witch Beam said that they are “very tired” after working on the first game and want to make something different before they start working on a sequel.

Unpacking 2 Gameplay

Here are some possible features that could be included in Unpacking 2:

Unpacking 2 release date

  • More levels: The first game had 8 levels, each representing a different year in the protagonist’s life. An Unpacking 2 could have more levels, covering more years in the protagonist’s life.
  • New locations: The first game was set in a variety of locations, including a college dorm room, an apartment, and a house. An Unpacking 2 could introduce new locations, such as a vacation home, a retirement community, or a new country.
  • More interactive objects: The first game allowed players to interact with a limited number of objects, such as furniture and appliances. An Unpacking 2 could introduce more interactive objects, such as toys, pets, and plants.
  • A co-op mode: The first game was a single-player game, but an Unpacking 2 could have a co-op mode, allowing two players to work together to unpack boxes and decorate their new homes.
  • A story mode: The first game told a story through the items that the protagonist unpacked, but it did not have a traditional story mode. An Unpacking 2 could have a more traditional story mode, with cutscenes and dialogue that help to flesh out the protagonist’s character and their relationships with other characters.

Of course, these are just a few possible features that could be included in Unpacking 2. The actual gameplay could end up being very different, but it is likely that the game will retain the same zen puzzle gameplay and focus on storytelling that made the first game so popular.

Brief Overview of the Unpacking Game

Unpacking is a zen puzzle game that provides a familiar and calming experience of unpacking belongings and arranging them in a new home. Divided into eight stages representing different years of the protagonist’s life, players learn about their story through the items they choose to keep and how they arrange them.

The gameplay is straightforward: players click and drag items to their desired locations, aiming to create a personalized and satisfying living space. The game offers relaxation and serves as a great way to unwind. It stands out for its unique storytelling approach, resonating with those who have experienced moving homes. Critics have praised Unpacking for its relaxing and thought-provoking nature, heartwarming story, and its ability to create a lasting impact on players. Reviewers recommend it to puzzle game enthusiasts and anyone seeking an enjoyable and distinctive gaming experience.

Unpacking allows players to unpack various items such as clothes, books, technology, and bathroom utensils, organizing them in different rooms. Therefore, it is unclear what exactly players should be looking for to find the hidden clue. One suggestion is to pay close attention to posters, CD covers, and DVD covers within the game.

Unpacking Trailer

Will unpacking have more levels

Will there be an unpacking 2

Based on the developer’s clues, we hope to see an Unpacking 2 in the future but there’s no official announcement yet.

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