Lost ark master of escape

Lost ark master of escape

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Lost Ark Master of Escape is a really fun and exciting game that you’ll love playing! It has a really cool story, tricky puzzles, and awesome graphics that make it different from other escape games. Your mission in the game is to find the Lost Ark, which is a powerful weapon hidden in a forgotten temple.

As you proceed in the game you will have to solve some tricky puzzles and avoid traps while uncovering the secrets of the temple. The game is fast-paced and intense, so you’ll be entertained for hours. It’s a great way to pass the time and challenge yourself in a fun and new interesting way. You can get Lost ark on steam check more how to get free games on steam here.

To level up Master of Escape in Lost Ark, you need to spend nodes. Each Engraving can be leveled up to Level 3, and each level requires a certain number of nodes. You need 5 nodes to reach Level 1, 10 nodes to reach Level 2, and 15 nodes to reach Level 3.

It’s important to note that spending 5 nodes on an Engraving or spending more than 5 nodes on it provides the same bonuses. So, it’s best to always have your Engravings with 5, 10, or 15 nodes in order to manage them efficiently.

Lv. 1: Stand up Action Cooldown -4%.
Lv. 2: Stand up Action Cooldown -12%.
Lv. 3: Stand up Action Cooldown -25%.

Here are the instructions for the next power node points

Level 1: Master of Escape Engraving Recipe

Level 2: Master of Escape Engraving Recipe

Level 3: Master of Escape Engraving Recipe

To unlock Master of Escape in Lost Ark


You can earn up to 15 Engraving points Max by equipping certain accessories. You can earn 3 points for each earring, each ring, and the amulet.


To unlock the first level of Master of Escape, you need to read 20 Master of Escape Engraving Recipe (Uncommon) books. To unlock the second level, you need to read 20 Master of Escape Engraving Recipe (Rare) books.

To unlock the third level, you need to read 20 Master of Escape Engraving Recipe (Epic) books. And to unlock the fourth level, you need to read 20 Master of Escape Engraving Recipe (Legendary) books.

Ability Stones:

Each character can only equip 1 Ability Stone at a time. Ability Stones, have different rarities. In order to obtain this points, you need to take your Ability Stone, to an Ability Stonesmith. You can always find one at the town you are in.

Rarity Engraving Points
Rare +6 Engraving Points
Epic +8 Engraving Points
Legendary +9 Engraving Points
Artifact +10 Engraving Points
All Engravings in Lost Ark: Adrenaline
All-Out AttackAdrenalineAwakeningBarrageBarricadeBroken Bone
 Crisis Evasion ContenderDeath StrikeCursed DollCrushing FistDisrespect
Drops of EtherEsoteric FlurryExpertFirst IntentionFortitudeGrudge
JudgmentLone KnightMass GainMagick StreamMayhemNecromancy
Master BrawlerPistoleerPeacemakerPropulsionRaid CaptainReflux
Shield PiercingShock TrainingStrong WillSuper ChargeSurgeTime to Hunt
Perfect SuppressionPrecision DaggerPreemptive StrikeRemaining EnergyRobust SpiritSpirit Absorption
Heavy Armor EquipmentIncreased Max MPKeen Blunt WeaponLightning FuryLoyal CompanionMaster of Ambush
Firepower EnhancementEnergy OverflowEnhanced WeaponEnergy OverflowExplosive ExpertEsoteric Skill Enhancement
Emergency RescueDivine ProtectionDemonic ImpulseDesperate SalvationCombat ReadinessChampion’s Tenacity
Blessed AuraIgniterRobust SpiritStabilized StatusEther EnhancementVital Point Strike
DeathblowMP RegenTrue CourageMaster of StrikesBerserker’s TechniqueUltimate Skill: Taijutsu

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Lost Ark Engravings and all Ability Stones: Everything You Need to Know

In Lost Ark, Engravings are a crucial part of your character’s build. The Best Engravings can significantly affect your character’s abilities and can make all the difference in challenging situations, especially in boss fights. Using Ability Stones, you can upgrade Engravings and increase their Tier, which provides stronger effects.

Lost ark master of escape

However, some Engravings have Negative Effects, which can reduce the performance of your character. As for Engraving effects, they can range from simple things like increased move speed to more complex things like summoning a Lightning Orb or dealing back attack damage. Some Engravings even provide Shield and HP Recovery.

The Best Engravings for each character and build are available on the Lost Ark Wiki. When choosing Engravings, you should consider things like Cooldowns, Critical Hit Rate, Incoming Damage, and Attack Damage.

Defensive Stance Engravings can also be useful, as they increase your character’s defense and reduce the damage taken. Additionally, some Engravings have Burst Effects, which can affect the surrounding monsters and deal a fatal blow.

To become Invincible, there are specific Engravings like Full HP Activation, Shield’s HP Recovery, and Defensive Activation that can guarantee 5 seconds of invincibility.

However, the effect ends when you attack or use skills other than basic attacks. Other Engravings can increase the duration of Invincibility or reduce Defense Reduction, which can explode the monsters around you.

Finally, Awakening Skills grant your character’s powerful abilities that can also increase the damage you take by 1. Some Engravings can also grant Party Members additional 15 Critical Hit Rate, while others increase Maximum Health by 36.

If you are a new player, it’s best to focus on getting Tier 75 Engravings, as Tier 80 Engravings require a lot of Ability Stones and are more difficult to obtain. That’s everything you need to know about Lost Ark Engravings.

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