All Gun Store and Armory Locations Project Zomboid

All Gun Store and Armory Locations Project Zomboid

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If you love shooting games Project Zomboid is a gift for you it is a game with multiple players, however it is hard to find weapons, and many players end up going to the nearest police station to get them with this action creates more zombies and a shortage of weapons. To help players, this guide provides information on all gun store locations in the game.

The website Project Zomboid is a great resource for gun shooters. It provides a full list of all the gun stores and armory locations in the United States, including their hours of operation, products and services offered. It will help people find the guns. one thing remember that using guns in the game can be dangerous as they attract zombies.

To get inside the gun shop, players need a sledgehammer. However, sledgehammers are rare to find in the game. The guide provides a list of possible locations where sledgehammers can be found.

Project zomboid armory locations

In Project Zomboid, there are three types of guns: handguns, shotguns, and rifles. However, all guns are rare and hard to find in the game. Most players usually search for guns in police stations, military bases, and armories. But you can also find them in gun stores, which you can break into with a sledgehammer.

Gun Store and Armory Locations Project Zomboid

To find a sledgehammer, you need to search in garages, tool sheds, hardware stores, or fire stations. If you have a character with the lucky trait then you can increase your chances of finding a rare item like a sledgehammer. Once you have a sledgehammer, you can use it to break into the gun store in West Point and loot it for firearms.

To break into the gun store, right-click on a metal fence or wall and select the destroy option. Your character will use the sledgehammer to break down the wall, and then you can loot the store for guns.

Below is a list of locations in Project Zomboid where you can find guns:

  • Police Stations
  • Riverside Police Station
  • Rosewood Police Station
  • West Point Police Stations
  • West Point Gun store
  • Muldraugh Police Station
  • Valley Station Shooting Range
  • Residential Homes
  • Barricaded buildings
  • Louisville Police Outpost
  • Louisville Army Surplus Store
  • Louisville Military CheckPoint
  • Military Base north of Rosewood
  • Dixie Police Station

Some places to find the guns are really harder to reach them as zombies are in high numbers. The military base has great loot, but it’s dangerous to get there because of the zombies. The Valley Station shooting range is also a great place to find weapons, but it’s far away. Nonetheless, all of these places have guns and ammo that you can take you can check more for map here.

Tips for Using Guns in Project Zomboid

Guns in Project Zomboid are not so simple as you point and shoot. You can store guns in your backpack, but they are heavy and take up space. We recommend using a holster for small guns and attaching big guns to your back. To check if a gun has ammo, hover over it in your inventory. To load ammo into a pistol or rifle, you need rounds and a magazine.

To improve your accuracy then you need to level up your aiming skill by shooting enemies. It’s best to level up away from your base to avoid attracting zombies. Police officers and veterans have a higher aiming skill level. Check out our tips and tricks guide for more help surviving the apocalypse. If you’ve been injured, take a look at our infections and illness guide to learn how to heal your character.

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Final thoughts

There are several places where you can find guns and ammo without using a sledgehammer. Rural supply stores, farm stores, and hardware stores are good places to use and police stations and armories are also worth checking out. Additionally, players can find guns stocked in multiple places in Project Zomboid, and it’s almost definite that there are gun stores somewhere in the game.

The rural supply store has many types of guns and ammo, but it’s not easy to access without drawing in zombies. The gun store and army surplus store in Louisville are good options, as is the gun locker inside police stations. However, raiding these places can be risky, and players may get trapped or injured during fighting.
To improve your chances of finding guns, it’s essential to level up your character’s aiming skill, and you can do this by shooting zombies.

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