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Surprise Tracer Update: Overwatch 2 Tweaks Blink Ability

Last Updated on May 14, 2023 10:17 AM by Anayatullah

In the latest Overwatch 2 update, a concealed modification was made to Tracer’s Blink ability, which went unnoticed by many players as it wasn’t included in the official patch notes. Tracer, a well-loved hero from Overwatch 1, is known for her ability to annihilate entire enemy teams using her potent pulse pistols and energy-based time bombs.

Despite facing backlash from players over game-breaking bugs and issues, Overwatch 2 continues to introduce balance adjustments to ensure a level playing field. These updates consist of substantial nerfs and buffs to heroes, which players can monitor as they roll out.

Nevertheless, some changes are minor tweaks that don’t make it into the patch notes. It’s worth noting that even small adjustments, such as a basic visual upgrade, can influence a hero’s popularity in the game.

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