PlayStation’s Project Q: The Highly Anticipated Handheld Device Launches in November 2023!

Last Updated on July 28, 2023 2:19 AM by Anayatullah

Breaking News: PlayStation’s Rumored Handheld Device, Project Q, Set to Launch in November 2023 Exciting news for gaming enthusiasts! There’s a rumor circulating that PlayStation’s highly anticipated handheld device, codenamed Project Q, is scheduled to hit the market in November 2023.

Sony recently showcased a wide range of thrilling games at the latest PlayStation event, where both first-party and third-party studios took the opportunity to unveil their exciting projects. Alongside these game announcements, Sony also surprised the audience with the introduction of two new accessories for the PS5.

The first is a handheld device called Project Q, boasting an impressive 8-inch HD display. What sets this device apart is its integration of the unique features found in the popular DualSense wireless controller. It’s important to note that Project Q enables players to stream their favorite PS5 games online, as it doesn’t support native game installation.

Sony has assured fans that more information about Project Q will be shared in the near future. However, it seems that the tentative release date for this much-anticipated handheld device has been leaked, pointing towards a November 2023 launch. Stay tuned for further updates as we bring you the latest news on Project Q and other exciting developments in the gaming world!

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