Trackmania Now Live on Consoles and Cloud Platforms

Gaming Update: Trackmania Now Live on Consoles and Cloud Platforms

Last Updated on June 11, 2023 9:05 PM by Anayatullah

In a thrilling update for console gamers, Ubisoft has just rolled out Trackmania on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation4, and PlayStation5, absolutely free of charge.

Trackmania offers an extraordinary racing experience for gamers, with over 1000 tracks to choose from and a fresh track unveiled daily. It boasts two thrilling game modes, Ranked and Royal, allowing players to prove their skills and unlock exciting rewards like prestigious skins, medals, and trophies. For those seeking an extra layer of competition, an official Esports circuit and various community-organized events are up for grabs.

Regular players will appreciate the new official campaigns launched every three months in line with seasonal updates. Gamers can also express their creativity by crafting unique maps with the track editor or designing car skins.

Trackmania offers different levels of engagement with Starter Access at no cost, Standard Access for $9.99 per year, and Club Access for $29.99 per year or a three-year subscription for $59.99. These options aim to accommodate every player’s gaming style, from those who enjoy regular content updates to those who prefer a fully customized gaming experience.

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